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Upon arrival at Kennedy Industries, your engineered pump will be disassembled, cleaned, and carefully inspected by our experienced specialists. This consists of precision measurement of critical dimensions, non-destructive testing, and a visual examination that diagnoses issues such as unusual wear patterns, fretting, and cavitation damage, to name a few.

This information is used to formulate a customized repair scope that focuses on reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

The skilled machinists at Kennedy Industries will execute the repair plan with exacting precision and attention to every detail. All finished components are double checked for accuracy against proven Kennedy procedures, blue prints, and OEM specifications.

Prior to assembly, our mechanics will re-inspect each component, final deburr, clean, and balance your rotating assembly to 4W/N or lower if you prefer. Our balance machine has a capacity of 10,000 lbs. and can swing 90” diameters.

Final assembly is carried out in a meticulous manner with float and centralization checks at every stage. Barrel pump elements are verified for free rotation in our custom designed test rig. Final QC of the finished product is conducted by a second Kennedy specialist to ensure it meets or exceeds our tough standards.

Kennedy’s 50+ years of pump experience and exhaustive knowledge base is coupled with a strong enthusiasm for customer satisfaction. Let us show you why we have satisfied repair customers in 7 states. Please contact us today to schedule a tour, and discuss your pumping challenges.

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