KI System Master

KI System MasterAn exciting new product we offer is KISM, an internet hosted SCADA solution by KI System Master LLC. The KISM product offers customers the ability to add SCADA to their equipment for a monthly fee no greater than an average cell phone bill. KISM provides all necessary SCADA hardware (servers) and software.

Once your equipment is online with KISM, your equipment is able to be monitored and controlled by any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. KISM internet client access utilizes SSL security to keep your username and password secure from intruders. KISM is a fully featured SCADA product including communication drivers for 100+ devices, security, reporting, historian, alarming, voice dialer, and internet clients.

In addition, the KISM SCADA system provides customers their own custom domain name, custom SCADA screens, and a personal FTP site to store project documentation (ie. O&M’s) electronically.

KI System Master – Internet hosted SCADA solution providing monitoring, control, and alarming of customer equipment.




The KISM Team


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See KI System Master in action at Far Hills Maple Syrup Farm.

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KI System Master Contacts

Ben Manlongat

Controls Manager
Direct: 248-529-2960
Cell: 248-770-0784

Aaron Shivnen

Controls Engineer
Direct: (248) 529-2970
Mobile: (248) 885-4435

Jay Schlacht

Controls Engineer
Direct: (248) 529-2946
Mobile: (248) 452-1779