Pump Training

Pump TrainingKennedy is the first in the industry to implement a pump reliability program and pump training seminars as an option to our customers. Designed to help our customers save money and improve sustainability of their pumps, our programs have already saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars.

Our pump reliability program starts with an audit of your critical pumps to identify and prioritize potential failures. We then follow it up with on-site training and the creation of operations guide sheets. These materials will give your staff the tools they need to maintain your pumps properly and help them identify when a pump is not functioning properly before it turns into a major repair.

The training seminars are on-site and offered to engineers, operations and maintenance personnel. Held in a classroom setting with a lesson plan customized to your equipment, the seminars are informative and interactive. We will work with you on the basics and move toward advance techniques to help identify and solve severe and reoccurring problems.

Training Videos

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Pump Training Contacts

Ben Manlongat

Controls Manager
Direct: 248-529-2960
Cell: 248-770-0784

Mark Hemeyer

Direct: 248-529-2932
Cell: 248-240-0701