The Fawn River Lift Station is a duplex station that pumps
on average 40 million gallons of sewage per month to the City
of Sturgis Wastewater Treatment Plant. The station had been
in service for only six years when one of the Hayward Gordon
CHOPX8BS chopper pumps suffered a catastrophic failure, leaving
only one pump in operation. WWTP personnel recognized that
operating on one pump was not an option, and they needed both a
short-term and long-term solution to the problem.


Kennedy Industries was able to perform an energy and
performance audit on the station to determine how the remaining
pump was performing. It was determined that the remaining pump
was performing below its design capacity, due to premature wear,
which was leading to excessive running speed and additional cost
of operation. Since both pumps had similar runtimes, the city was
concerned that the remaining pump could fail at any time. As a
short-term solution, Kennedy provided a pump from its expansive
rental fleet that would easily handle the flow at the station should
the remaining pump fail. The temporary pump was installed and
tested to ensure it would perform if called upon.




Kennedy Industries offered the Flygt N3202 Non-Clog as a
replacement pump that provided features which would contribute
to a longer service life, lower operational costs, and lower
maintenance costs. The proposed pump, at only 60HP, exceeds
the performance of the original 75HP pumps. The Flygt pump
comes standard with High-Chrome impeller and insert ring,
which provide up to 10 times greater wear resistance as compared
to standard materials. The proposed pump also offered potential
energy savings of greater than 30%, while also reducing the
required maintenance. The Flygt Midrange pumps have a closedloop
cooling system that uses environmentally-friendly coolant, do
not require submergence to operate, and therefore can significantly
increase the usable volume of the wetwell.

Upon installation of the new Flygt pump, the station was
monitored to determine whether the Flygt pump could deliver on
the promised performance. Testing over the next several months
confi rmed it- average power consumption was reduced by 33%!
Based on the average fl ow at the Fawn River Lift Station, the city will
consume 30,000 less kwh per year by operating the new pump. This
reduced energy use equates to a savings of nearly $4,200 per year!
With the Flygt pump, backed by the service and support of Kennedy
Industries, city personnel can now trust that the Fawn River Lift
Station will provide years of trouble-free service.