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I trust Kennedy Industries to give me quality products, fair pricing, and timely, dependable service before and after the sale.

Tittabawassee Township has 9 lift stations, three of which are Kennedy stations from head to toe and all of which are KISM controlled.

KISM controls have changed the way we do business. My relationship with the Kennedy Controls Team has benefited me and our residents beyond all expectations. The process that Ben Manlongat presided over transitioned the township operational staff from pencil and paper to tech savvy users of computer interfaces, smart phones, and computer tablets.

At the beginning, the operators and I were regularly frustrated with the process. We wanted to be spoon-fed ready made one-size-fits-all solutions that required little of our time and even less of our thinking. I wanted a duplicate of our system created for another community that we could just plug in and go. I didn’t want to work on strategy or explain why we do what we do, or what makes us unique.

The Kennedy controls team was patient when my staff was overwhelmed, repeated information and adapted the controls system making it functional, easy to understand and simple to operate. They offered insight into our procedures and practices, sharing ideas and techniques they had seen work in other communities.

Today Tittabawassee Township is reaping the benefits. We have clean, complete and reliable data on each of our lift stations with pump and flow information at the touch of a button. This data gives me the trends and reports that I need when I need them. With a comprehensive alarm system that dependably notifies staff using a customizable roster, and keeps a complete company history, we can sleep easy at night knowing we will be able to immediately respond to emergencies. The KISM system achieves all of my O&M manuals (even from other manufacturers) so that we can always locate that critical piece of information.

In short we have not only a reliable wastewater collections system but we can now have confidence in the data we are basing the Township’s operational strategies on.

Edward F. Mahaney
Department of Public Works

We had some field service performed on our pumps yesterday and I would like to commend all three of the service techs who worked at our site: Shaun Miller, Andy, and Ryan (I don’t have their last names).

They were very professional and worked under difficult / soggy conditions – in fact, one of the trucks got stuck in the mud, causing them extra time and effort. In particular, Shaun displayed perseverance, courtesy, and professionalism, and made sure everything was right before leaving the site; he was here from 8:30am until 4:30pm. He also spoke highly of the company, which is always good for an employee to do! I would like to commend him , as well as Andy and Ryan, for their outstanding work.

Thank you!

Sonia Lawacki
Office Manager
Spiritus Sanctus Academy