Helping MDOT Mitigate Road Flooding with SCADA Technology

In general, the manpower within MDOT is spread thin. Limited personnel have to maintain more than 150 pump stations across Michigan. To ensure correct operation of each station, MDOT had relied on in-person visits. These on-site checkups were their only opportunity to learn about station problems before they happened.

To help MDOT better manage it’s pump stations, Kennedy’s Control Group first provided them with MultiSmart control panels to operate the pumps, monitor problems, and connect to SCADA software. Kennedy then installed VTScada software, which allows the operators to monitor, control, and receive alarm notifications for each station. This new setup allowed MDOT to remotely monitor each of their stations through the KISM web portal. Station alerts sent through KISM will assure proactive troubleshooting of station problems and reduce the potential for flooded roads.

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