As a partner of Vessco, KENNEDY INDUSTRIES offers a full range of products and services for pumping, flow control, process, and automation. Our team of highly dedicated men and women are available 24/7 and will do whatever it takes to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


Since 2010, KISM has offered, and continuously improved a state-of-the-art SCADA system with multiple datacenter locations, redundant servers, fire walls, VPN (Virtual Private Network), APN (Access Point Name), and bank level security. Hosted SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) means you no longer have to purchase and manage your own onsite SCADA infrastructure. The steady costs to use hosted SCADA service is friendly to your budget. Say goodbye to the heavy investment of an onsite system.

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Plus One Program

We make life simple by offering one plan that eliminates unforeseen costs. The +1 Program helps you to schedule expenses and can measurably increase the efficiency of your pumping equipment. Should a pump fails, we are there with another ready to go.

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Field Service & Maintenance

Kennedy Industries offer scheduled and emergency field service. Our service trucks are equipped with boom cranes capable of lifting up to 8,000 pounds and with a maximum reach of up to 27’. We also offer preventive maintenance from Start Up to keep equipment performing at peak efficiency, lengthen life cycle, and to avoid unnecessary expenses. It will maintain manufacturers’ warranties and enhance the safety of staff.

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We have over 15 different machines that allow us to make all necessary repairs to pumps and parts. Our machinists maintain precise tolerances with our high-speed CNC turning centers and have an extensive inventory of raw materials at their disposal. We have dedicated personnel certified in CAD and SolidWorks, who can re-engineer and recreate any part if necessary. We have reduced down-time and costs, enhanced emergency service response, all to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

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As Found Report Examples:
CMS Jackson – Ingersoll Dresser
G.A. Fleet – Flygt
Gestamp – Mason Plant
GLWA – Freud Street Allis Chalmers
GLWA Lake Huron – Byron Jackson
Detroit Edison – Hayward Tyler
Ineos Nitrilles USA – Bingham
Louisville Gass Electric – Byron Jackson

Project Reports

Kennedy Industries has an extensive history of success and satisfied customers. Below are a selected list of Projects Reports from various service areas:

Field Service
Detroit Insurance
Attwood Outside
Attwood Inside

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Battle Creek

City of Flint
Holly Concertors
Sheridan Upgrade
Holland Project
Holland Project (no KI)
Thomas Township
Clam Union
Mount Clemens
Chemical Company
Genoa WWTP
Michigan Power Plant

GLWA Lake Huron
GLWA Lake Huron (article)
Kennedy Trauma Center
Lake Huron Large Pump Report
Largest Pump Repair in Michigan
Fast Track Repair for Midlands
Snow Pump Repair